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Published April 11, 2004

Herald and News, letter to the editor


Attack on Bartell wrong

The recent op-ed making vicious personal attacks on Ed Bartell and his parents, in retribution for their perceived political views, was entirely inappropriate and factually incorrect.

First, Bartell had no role in founding the Basin Alliance to save the Winema and Fremont National Forests. The attacks were directed mainly at Bartell's parents' business. His parents have never had any involvement with the Basin Alliance whatsoever, I have never even met them.

Attacks like these are precisely why the Basin Alliance has the massive support in the community and why people will never support giving land to the Tribes. When tribal supporters harass people for their perceived political views, or hold water hostage in order to gain land, it only strengthens the resolve of the community. This in turn brings out much more support for the Basin Alliance.

People in the community will always ask the basic question of "If the Tribes gain land, will they be good neighbors?" As long as the Tribes and their supporters are harassing the community and holding the water and our economy hostage the answer will always be a resounding no.

The American people do not respond well to threats, fear, and intimidation, as recent world events have proven.

Lynn T. Bayona

Klamath Falls

The writer is chairman of the Basin Alliance to save the Winema and Fremont Forests.




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