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 An Upper Klamath Basin Solution
A Twelve Point Plan 2003

Rangeland Trust Kurt Thomas gave us this list to put on KBC.  He said that it has been given to Smith, Walden, KWUA, Cattlemen Association, Tribes and Upper Basin Irrigators.  He said that the 12 people that attend the talks must agree to all of these points. He said that the 12 support the plan.

The group consists of, John Crawford, Sid Staunton, Dan Keppen, Dave Solem, and Gary Wright from the Klamath Project, Becky Hyde, John Sanders, Doug Whitsett, and Chuck Bacchi of Upper Basin,  Alan Foreman and Jeff Mitchell from Klamath Tribes, and Kurt Thomas and Jim Root from Rangeland Trust.

Thomas said people need to let their local and governmental representatives know how they feel about the plan:

1.  Restoration of upper basin rivers/streams

2.  Restoration of Klamath River tributaries

3.  Recovery of sucker populations

4.  Improved government management of currently owned wetlands and refuges

5.  Develop new water via long-term leases in upper basin above UKL

6.  Develop new water through storage

7.  Support funding for acquisition of willing sellers in Straits Drain area (KDO)

8.  Declare Upper Klamath Basin fully appropriated exempting new storage filled by winter flows.

9.  Return historical tribal forestlands to tribes.

10.  Transfer title of project to private landowners.

11.  Achieve a water rights settlement, which will supersede the current adjudication process.

12.  Provide certainty of water deliveries to Project Farmers.





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