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{Landowners Learning New Strategies to Protect Their Private Property  1/27/07.}

January 4, 2007

Following up last year’s “Unite to Fight” conference, we are holding the first regional conference of the new-year, February 16-17, 2007 in Yreka, California.
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Day one will discuss how to develop, pass and enforce a “Coordinating Local Plan.”  This is one of the many strategies Fred Grant introduced during his session in Salt Lake City, Utah last November.  Attendees will learn
how to:

  • Organize representatives from key interest groups in their area
  • Identify the specific priorities for their county that need to be protected
  • Write a plan that identifies these priorities that will stand up in court
  • Create a council that will monitor property issues and advise and assist the Supervisors/Commissioners as to the enforcement of the plan.

Grant will also include instruction on how to change an existing plan, for those who already have a local plan in place, but do not currently rely on the “coordinating language” existent in nearly all federal land use statutes.

The Local Council which develops and helps implement the plan can participate in the planning of, and if necessary challenge federal and state land use actions and regulations that the government attempts to implement in their county including grazing reductions, ESA listings, EPA/DEQ restrictions, water use restrictions, wetlands restrictions, smart growth plans and other land use restrictions.

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Day two, participants will break into working groups to develop specific plans to attack the issues facing their areas, such as:

  • Establishing a watershed council to fight water rights restrictions.
  • Develop strategy for defending property rights related to liquefied gas pipelines and port terminals planned for the Northwest.
  • How to make conservation easements subject to a conditional use permit
  • How to use Memoranda of Understanding to bring Tribal Governments, non-government groups and government agencies into a work plan to protect private property interests.

Instructor, Fred Kelly Grant will guide each group working on these issues and others, through the steps of creating an issue specific long term plan and developing an immediate political strategy to fight off the current threats in each area.

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This seminar will benefit anyone:

  • Fighting threats to their private property in the Northwest
  • Living in federal land dependent areas
  • Needing an immediate political strategy to fight local property rights issues
  • Currently developing a Coordinating Local Plan for their area, or amending an inactive County Plan.

The conference is co-sponsored by People for the USA – Grange (Ashland, Oregon) and American Land Foundation (Taylor, TX).  Lunch will be served both days along with snacks and drinks during breaks.

Fees for the Two-Day Seminar are:

  • $75 for members of Stewards, PFUSA-Grange, and/or ALF
  • $100 for non members
  • $100 at the door (Pre-registration ends February 14th at 5:00 pm)
  • $100 per County (can send as many representatives as necessary on behalf of the county for this fee)

Session starts at 9:00 am and ends at 5:00 pm for both February 16th and 17th. 
There will be an hour break for lunch.

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