Time to Take Action
Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Upholding rural Americans' rights to grow food,
own property, and caretake our wildlife and natural resources.

The following announcement is principally for grassroots members in California and Oregon. Others throughout the country can take heart in the fact California's groups are coming together and getting organized!
6:30P-8:30P at the Winema Hall at the Yreka fairgrounds.
3 p.m. vender booths

The Cause
Across this nation, OUR NATIONAL TREASURY IS BEING STOLEN, SEALED OFF, OR DISMANTLED. We cannot remain a sovereign nation, or a prosperous nation, if we become dependent upon third world countries for our very sustenance. Rural America is not covered in the news, in TV shows, or Hollywood. So it is easy to forget about, and become disconnected from our roots.
  • 90-95% of our land mass.
  • the source of our food, water, energy, building materials, metals, and other natural resources.
  • the last major reservoir of family, family values, faith, nationalism, and hard work ethic.
  • the backbone of our nation, in fact.
AND IT IS UNDER ATTACK ... from within. Siskiyou County and the other counties throughout the Klamath River Basin ― already decimated by the spotted owl debacle and directly in the crosshairs of the Wilderness Project ― are at ground zero in the battle to defend the nation's food supply and natural resources.
Big Government has already pushed itself to the 99-yard line, with expectations of making the final play in the imminent future. Yet like most of Rural America, Siskiyou County does not have the population, financial resources, or media support to fight this battle by themselves. Underemployment is already around 30%, and will get worse if Big Government has its way.
The Launch
An all-hands-on-deck gathering will be held October 22nd in Yreka, California to form a unified effort to stop Big Government from winning this battle, and all subsequent battles across our nation. The meeting will be held from 6:30P-8:30P at the Winema Hall at the Yreka fairgrounds. Seating is limited to 400, so make sure to be on time to insure a seat. The doors open at 6:00P to allow sufficient time for registration. There is no charge.
There will be a debut of Kirk MacKenzie's documentary film on Siskiyou County and it's people, and a panel discussion to handle Q&A from the audience. Sheriff Jon Lopey ― a local hero for his defense of the community, the Constitution, and coordination rights ― will be there. Sheriffs from surrounding counties are also being invited.
Affected groups throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon are coming. Like-minded groups throughout the rest of California and Oregon are invited. Attendees from as far away as Montana are already committed to join us at this historic event.
An objective of this event is to create an alliance and unified front across like-minded groups. If your organization wants to support this event with promotion and attendance, we welcome your support and will include you in the formal press release to go out within the next two weeks. Contact any of the organizers listed below.
The Bus Tour
For those coming from the San Francisco Bay Area, an air-conditioned bus tour, with bathroom facilities, makes the journey enjoyable and relaxing, leaving Saturday morning and returning Sunday evening. There will be 3 pickup points, the first at 8:00A in Santa Clara, then one in the Peninsula, and the last one in the Walnut Creek area.
The air-conditioned bus, with bathroom facilities, makes the journey enjoyable and relaxing.
The tour will include a Sunday tour of the dams, lunch on the river, and an on-site presentation of what is at stake. Passengers have the option of spending Saturday night and Sunday breakfast with local ranchers, who have agreed to open up their homes, or stay the night at a local hotel. Due to the generosity of the ranchers, Saturday dinner will be free for the bus passengers, as well as Sunday breakfast for those choosing to enjoy the overnight ranching experience. Seating on the bus is limited to 43 people. RSVPs and pre-payment are required, so be sure to make your reservations early. RSVP to Debbie Bacigalupi at dbacigalupi@gmail.com.
Cost: remarkably only $30 per person. This price is only good, however, for the first 43 people.

The Organizers
Siskiyou County Water Users Association, Inc. (SCWUA)
Leo Bergeron, President. 530-842-4400

Scott Valley Protect Our Water
Liz Bowen, President. 530-467-3515

Yreka Tea Party Patriots
Louise Gliatto. 530-842-5443

Redding Tea Party
Erin Ryan, President. 530-515-7135
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