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June 15 - 16, 2005

Miner’s Inn

Yreka, California

June 15, 2005

9:00 am 1. Convene and opening remarks. John Engbring, Chair. Vice Chair is Irma Lagomarsino, NOAA Fisheries. Vice Chair for next meeting will be Keith Wilkinson.

9:10 2. Remembrance of Ronnie Pierce

9:20 3. Introductions of Congressional staff in attendance

9:30 4. Business

a. Approval of minutes

b. Adoption of agenda

9:45 5. Brief review of last meeting actions/general correspondence/program update (Gary Curtis)

10:00 6. Brief Updates and Announcements

  1. Update on State coho recovery process (Neil Manji)

  2. Update on Shasta-Scott Recovery Team (Neil Manji)

c. Update on NOAA coho recovery planning (Irma Lagomarsino)

d. Update on NOAA hatchery listing policy (Irma Lagomarsino)

e. Government Accountability Office audit of Restoration Program

10:15 7. Discussion of the letter from Sue Ellen Wooldridge regarding additional funding for future monitoring of fisheries in the Klamath Basin (John Engbring)

10:45 Break

11:00 8. Discussion of drafting a letter to the Administration regarding the future of the Task Force (John Engbring)

11:30 9. Report from Klamath Watershed Coordination Group (Neil Manji and Dave Hillemeier)

Klamath Basin Compact Commission (Alice Kilham)

Upper Klamath Basin Working Group (Jim Carpenter)

Trinity Management Council (Mike Orcutt)

12:00 10. Public Comment

12:15 Lunch

1:30 pm 11. Changes in the 2005 Budget

2:00 12. Report from the Technical Work Group (Petey Brucker)

2:45 13. Report from Budget Committee on proposed 2006 Work Plan

3:00 Break

3:15 14. Status of Shasta Valley Resource Conservation District and Siskiyou Resource Conservation District Incidental Take Permits (Neil Manji)

4:00 15. Planning for Klamath Project Operations and status of the Conservation Implementation Program (Christine Karas, Bureau of Reclamation)

4:30 16. Public comment

4:45 Recess

5:00 - 7:00 Field Trip – Meet in the parking lot to caravan to a project site in the Shasta Valley with Dave Webb

7:00 - 9:00 pm Social Hour – Join us at Casa Ramos for drinks and dinner


June 16, 2005

8:00 am 17. Report from Arcata Fish and Wildlife Office on study results (Nick Hetrick)

9:00 18. Report from Klamath Fishery Management Council on the status of Klamath fishery regulations (Curt Melcher)

9:30 19. Public comment

9:45 Break

10:00 20. Reports from Sub-basin Coordinators on the status of sub-basin planning, coordination, and restoration efforts

a. Salmon River Sub-basin (Jim Villeponteaux, SRRC)

b. Shasta River Sub-basin (Dave Webb, Shasta CRMP)

c. Scott River Sub-basin (Rhonda Muse, SRWC)

d. Mid-Klamath Sub-basin (Will Harling, Karuk Tribe)

e. Lower Klamath Sub-basin (Dan Gale, Yurok Tribe)

12:00 21. Task Force Decision on 2006 Work Plan

1:00 pm 22. Public comment

1:15 23. Recap and conclusions. Next meeting is in Klamath Falls, Oregon, October 19-20, 2005. We need to schedule the February and June meetings in 2006.






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