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Free tests offered to irrigators
 June 23, 2005

Free irrigation pump testing is available to Klamath County irrigators.
The purpose of the testing is to inform irrigators of the electrical and water efficiency of their pumps in order to determine if repairs or upgrades would be beneficial.

A 10-fold increase in electricity rates by Pacific Power is anticipated for Klamath Basin irrigators in April of 2006.
Having an energy efficient pump could mean a savings of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars per year depending on the number of pumps in operation.

Information gathered during the pump test will give irrigators the resulting pump efficiency curves that will demonstrate if the proper amount of water is being pumped for the pump's size and horsepower rating.

If a pump is found to be inefficient and in need of upgrades, then the information from the testing service will make it possible for irrigators to qualify for federal cost-share funds under the NRCS Environmental Quality Incentives Program.

The tests will also be made available for irrigation district pumps.

And the program will soon become available to irrigators on the California side of the Klamath Basin and will be administered by the Lava Beds-Butte Valley Resource Conservation District.

Locally, testing is offered through the Klamath Soil and Water Conservation District, through an agreement with Power Services, Inc.
The Energy Trust of Oregon along with Pacific Power is providing funding for the program. More detailed information on the pump testing program will soon be available.
To make an appointment for a pump test, in Oregon call 883-6932 ext. 101, and in California call (530) 667-3473 ext. 103.



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