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Pioneer Press letter to the editor June 24, 2009 by Nita Still, Montague

To the Editor:

To Mr. Obama and the Congress:

You are supposed to use Common Sense. You need to read all bills and consider how they can help We The People. Instead you do not read, or heed us, or our beloved Constitution. You are taking over everything and even helping the Environmentalists or NGO's (non-governmental organizations) with millions and millions of dollars to achieve their desire to rewild 55% of America because they must have everything Sustainable. You are even misusing the money we do not even have. The Federal Reserve is most unconstitutional and so is Geithner. The NGO's consider industry, human settlement, roads and transportation, Dams, power lines, farming, ranching, all sports, even hunting and fishing, as unsustainable and must be gotten rid of.

They are also manipulating our land and water by the use of Law: the ESA (Endangered Species Act) and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), among others. We do NOT want to be controlled or manipulated by any governmental bureaucracy or bureaucratic Law, and you are putting everything under the control of our government. This is wrong. It is wrong that we keep bailing out the United Nations and accept their Communistic leanings and treaties, besides letting the NGO's urge the adoption of Agenda 21 in each city of the United States leading to a World Government. Eighteen cities have adopted Local Agenda 21, Mt. Shasta, CA being the eighteenth, Willits, CA being the first. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that this Nation remains sovereign, be a Constitutional Government of, for and by the people (quit calling us a democracy), and that our five Freedoms of Religion, Speech, Press, of Assembly and to Petition our government with Grievances, remain to be used and our government be responsible and give us the recognition we deserve.

Nita Still, Montague
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