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Dear Jacqui (manager of www.klamathbasincrisis.org website)

(This letter was from Grant Gerber 2/22/02, while he was helping form the Klamath Relief Fund for farmers and ranchers, and was organizing the convoys to benefit Klamath Farmers whose irrigation water was shut off by the federal government.)

I talked with C.J. Hadley and she said you had copies of a recent Range
magazine that she would recommend you consider providing for our convoys
that are crossing the country beginning March 30.  Attached is the first
explanation of the convoys.  More to follow.  Please advise if you can
provide the copies of the magazine and how many.  Also consider whether you
can help with the convoys in other ways.  Following are some needs from
Klamath itself.
1.   People from Klamath who know the issue who can be good spokesmen and
can travel with the convoys beginning in either Maine, Florida or Virginia.
2.  People in Klamath to adopt a state to stir it up by calls, emails, etc.
for help on setting up the rally/auction in the state as the convoy passes
- getting auction items, getting press, etc.
Other information to follow. Please advise
Grant Gerber
 Klamath Relief

Three relief convoys starting in Maine, Virginia, and Florida will leave
the East Coast in late March to arrive in Oregon in mid April with aid for
the beleaguered Klamath farmers. The convoys will hold auctions and rallies
in 70 cities across America, and deliver a bucket and shovel to Governors
in over thirty state capitols.

“In 1774 when the British closed Boston Harbor, patriots from the other
colonies sent wagon loads of rice, wheat, and other supplies to sustain the
Bostonians against the British Embargo,” said Grant Gerber, one of the
organizers of the relief effort. “The Federal Government has closed off the
water for 1200 Klamath farmers and we need to come to their aid, just like
the colonists did for Boston in 1774.”

The three convoys that will cross over 30 states will be similar to the
three convoys that were sponsored by the Jarbidge Shovel Brigade and the
Klamath Bucket Brigade in August 2001 that raised over $300,000.00 in aid
with auctions and rallies in 20 cities in 7 states.

Several federal agencies, used false science and the Endangered Species
Act to shut down the water to 1,200 farms. Veterans had received the land
from the Federal Government for their service in World War I and World War
II. Those veterans received signed promises of water “forever” by two U.S.
Presidents, but now the Government has broken those promises. This
violation of promises to veterans is intolerable.

Support our veterans, support our farmers, support Klamath.

There are several ways you can help:

1. Volunteer NOW to help organize and relay the convoy passing through
your state and region.
2. Help organize a media event for a shovel and bucket to be presented to
your Governor as the convoy passes.
3. Gather auction items to be auctioned at the stops in your state and
4. At an auction/rally, plan to present examples of evils caused by the
Endangered Species Act and other actions taken against your area by radical
environmental bureaucrats.
5. Copy this e-mail to your friends and family.

Let us know if you could help with any of the above.
Send your name, address, phone number and e-mail to:
Jarbidge Shovel Brigade
Attn: Grant Gerber
491 4th Street
Elko, Nevada 89801
  or e-mail to: agg@ctnis.com


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