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July 30, 2008

“Democratic Leadership Has Once Again Turned Its Back
On The American People By Choosing To Leave Town
Instead Of Addressing Our Energy Crisis.” – Rep. Don Young

            Washington, D.C. – The House Democratic Leadership is wrong to deny Congress the opportunity to address America’s energy crisis by going on a five-week break instead of voting on several comprehensive Republican energy packages, U.S. Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) said today.

            The House voted 213 to 212 to defeat a Republican motion against adjourning without a vote on increasing American energy supplies.  Every Republican present voted against adjourning but the Democratic Leadership succeeded in having the House go into recess for five weeks without addressing the energy crisis.

“The Democratic Leadership has not allowed us to have a single vote on new oil and gas production bills this entire year,” said Young, the Ranking Republican on the Natural Resources Committee.  “In contrast, the Republican Leadership has introduced several comprehensive energy packages that would significantly decrease oil and natural gas prices and our dependence of foreign oil producers.

“Earlier this year I introduced legislation that would allow us to begin production of 10.4 billion barrels of oil in ANWR which would allow for an additional one million barrels of domestic oil each day.

“This bill would also use revenues from the ANWR lease sales to fund 18 renewable and alternative energy projects, including geothermal, hydro, biomass, cellulosic biofuel, wind, tidal/ocean energy, and solar power.

“All of these new energy programs have been authorized by Congress in previous energy bills but none have ever been fully funded.  This bill ensures that these renewable and alternative energy programs will become reality – at no cost to American taxpayers.”

            “Unfortunately, the Democratic Leadership has shown no interest in even allowing a hearing on the bill – much less a floor vote.  It’s quite apparent that increasing our domestic oil and natural gas production, and finally moving forward with renewable and alternative energy programs is not on their agenda.

            “Instead, they want to shut down the halls of Congress for the next five weeks and do nothing toward addressing America’s energy crisis.”

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