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From Frank Tallerico for Sunday Prayer Page


As I was reading my daily devotional out of Our Daily Bread, dated September 16, I thought these lines were relative to the lives we are now living.  These lines were written by Mart De Haan.

According to the Bible, the variety of the natural world is designed to do far more than inspire childlike wonder.  The mysteries of nature can help us come to terms with God who allows inexpressible, unexplainable pain and suffering.
We see this epic story of Job.  While he was suffering, Job didn't know that God had such a high regard for him that he allowed Satan to test his faith with a series of losses.
What emerges is this eventual, unavoidable conclusion:  A Creator who has the wisdom and the power to design the wonders of nature is great enough to be trusted with pain and suffering that are beyond our ability to understand.  In awe, Job proclaimed, "I know that You can do everything"  (42:2).  We can trust that kind of God---no matter what.
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