Gallery One
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#1  1905 Tule Lake

#2 1900 dry Link River






Looking back: Upper Reef, Klamath Lake
< Herald and News 9/25/21, photo from Klamath County Museum: "A trench is cut in the reef at the outlet of Upper Klamath Lake in this photo taken Sept. 30, 1921. The trench allowed more water to be drained from the lake to facilitate production of electricity at power plants on Link River." 






Nature's dams on the Klamath River blocked fish for millennia, Commentary One of those five dams was 130 feet tall off the riverbed and was 1,000 feet thick!...The resulting modern dam was nearly as tall as the original natural 130-foot-tall dam, and brought the water level in Clammittee Lake back up to where it had been thousands of years before, restoring that ancient lake to its full glory where a myriad of unique species of flora and fauna had evolved and remain present today..."

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