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(Eminent Domain) - Important issues ahead in California’s primary

by Geri Byrne, Modoc County Republican Party chair, Herald and News letter to the editor May 28, 2008

   June 3 is election day in California. Although we have already had our presidential primary, this election has several important issues on it and it is important to remember to vote.
   In Modoc County, we will be electing a replacement for John Doolittle as our Congressman.
   I strongly urge Republicans to select state Sen. Tom McClintock. Tom is the leading conservative voice in California and we are fortunate to have him on the ballot. Tom believes in reducing the burden of taxes on our families and businesses, returning local control to our schools, and bringing fiscal sanity back to the federal government.
   Of the candidates running, Tom McClintock best represents the values of the people of Modoc County.
   In addition to the congressional primary, we have two ballot measures to choose from on eminent domain reform. Proposition 98 is the only one of the two that will safeguard our private property rights.
   It protects our farmlands and our businesses that Proposition 99 does not. Proposition 99 was put on the ballot by the municipalities that want to be able to take our land and use it for economic development. It includes a poison pill that will negate Proposition 98 if Proposition 99 gets more votes. It is important to vote yes on 98 and no on 99. Thank you, and in California remember to vote June 3.
Geri Byrne Modoc County Republican Party chair
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