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Our Klamath Basin Water Crisis
Upholding rural Americans' rights to grow food,
own property, and caretake our wildlife and natural resources.

Christine Karas, Deputy Area Manager for Bureau Of Reclamation, Klamath Project. speaks with Audubon, Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA), Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), California Waterfowl Association (CWA), Cal-Ore Wetlands and Waterfowl Counsel (CWW). May 24, 2004. by KBC (jdk)

"In a brief message, Christine Karas said that the USFWS would release 8500 AF (acre feet) of water. That would equal 150 CFS/day for about 30 days.  The water is currently going down the Klamath River to  enhance river flows for salmon without effecting lake levels for sucker fish. This partnership with FWS is a win-win situation whereby the river flows remain higher and the refuge's seasonal marshes can be drained to prevent potential disease, improve soil conditions, increase invertebrates for waterfowl now, and enhance germination of plants for a fall waterfowl food source.  Reclamation will aid the Refuge in fall flood up by purchasing 2000 AF of replacement water in addition to water
available from the Project."





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