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Re-district lines are a sham!!!

Politicians, POW

Just today, the maps were sent out for re-districting for the State of California after the Nov. 2010 elections and census.

The We Draw the Lines Commission released the maps for re-districting for assembly, state senate and congressional representatives.

Scott Valley with the towns of Fort Jones, Etna, and Callahan have been cut out from the rest of Siskiyou County and now placed in the Greenie Coastal district.

Assemblyman Jim Nielsen and Senator Doug LaMalfa have been stalwarts in supporting property rights and Water Rights in Siskiyou County. Scott Valley will now lose their support.

Will our elected officials on the coast provide the same kind of support. We are extremely dubious as we are a sure minority to the liberal coastal mentality.

Opps, looks like Felice Pace and his Green buddies had the upper hand in this as Scott Valley Protect Our Water supporters are now in with the liberal Democrat coast district. The line is drawn through the east side of Scott Valley.

It extremely odd that only Scott Valley as the western portion of Siskiyou County was cut-out of the rest of the county and placed in the coastal district.

Driving to the coast is a long trip over and through rugged mountains about 4 hours.

But, I-5 is only a half hour away and Redding is less than an hour and a half a way.

Has Scott Valley POW been too loud?

Are we a thorn in state agencies and Greenies sides?

We will not submit.

We will fight this.

This is a draft map, so we must demand by letter and phone call to be put in with the rest of Siskiyou County.

Liz Bowen, president Scott Valley Protect Our Water

Call the We Draw the Lines office to demand we remain in Assembly District 2;

California State Senate District 4

and Congressional District 2 at

1-866-356-5217 1-866-356-5217 .


Or go to the We Draw the lines website and post a comment at:



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