January 26, 2004                                                                                                                                   

Doolittle Secures Funds for Local Projects

Funding Requests Advance in Congress

Washington, D.C. - House Republican Conference Secretary John T. Doolittle (R-Roseville) today announced that on Friday, President Bush signed the Fiscal Year 2004 Consolidated Appropriations Bill which included several funding measures that will direct millions of dollars toward local projects.  Congressman Doolittle is a member of the House Appropriation Committee which crafted and sent this bill to the president's desk. 

Specifically, the spending proposals contain earmarks that would direct over $600 million to projects that directly benefit Doolittle's district.

"These funds will provide for the unique and growing needs of this vast district," Doolittle said.  "While being on the Appropriations Committee has given me a tremendous opportunity to emphasize the importance of these critical projects, I'm grateful to my colleagues in congress for their support." 

Doolittle was successful in securing funding for the following projects:

         $750,000 for Placer County Children's' Health Center that will provide mental and medical assessments for children and families in need;

         $2 million to construct the Lincoln Bypass (Lincoln Bypass-SR65/Ferrari Interchange) and widen Lincoln Highway;

         $500,000 for continued construction of the Roseville Multransit Center which will help meet the transportation needs of commuters and residents;

         $650,000 for Placer County to continue the study and construction of a new regional wastewater facility in the city of Lincoln;


In addition to the local projects specifically funded by the various bills, Doolittle secured over $200 million for a comprehensive water management plan which will increase water supplies throughout his vast Northern California district while increasing Sacramento's level of flood protection by raising Folsom Dam.  This plan will also fund the construction of a new bridge in Folsom designed to handle the commuter traffic that was displaced after the closure of the Folsom Dam Road last year.

The House-approved version of the Water Resources Development Act includes funding for the following purposes:

Congressman John T. Doolittle has served in the House of Representatives since 1991.  As Conference Secretary, he is an elected member of the House Republican Leadership.  Doolittle represents California's 4th Congressional District and serves on the Appropriations Committee, Energy and Water and DC Appropriations Subcommittees, and the House Administration Committee.