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Regional Water Board makes oppressive demands

April 16, 2011

A California State agency is holding meetings on April 20-21 in Fort Jones, CA. to DEMAND permits on normal agricultural practices.  This will lead to a “Permit to Farm” and will destroy the livelihoods of farmers and ranchers in Siskiyou County; and then the rest of this great agricultural state.

Scott Valley Protect Our Water is holding a PROTEST at 9 a.m. on Thursday, April 21 at the Fort Jones Community Center.

Like-minded people are invited.

Fort Jones is a small mountain valley town, just a 20 minute drive over Forest Mt. on Highway 3 from Yreka, CA. at I-5. You can use the Fort Jones City Hall address for GPS of: 11960 East Street, Fort Jones, CA. 96032

You can support POW by showing up to stand with us.  Bring posters that say: “NO waiver”  or  “We say NO.”

The North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board is demanding a NEWLY-developed waiver for WASTE DISCHARGE that will impact agriculture in Siskiyou County.

OUR POINT:  Siskiyou agriculture does not make WASTE  to  DISCHARGE.

Irrigation water is NOT waste.

We are not guilty. 

If we sign the state’s waiver, it means we are guilty and are then subject to regulations.

 Agriculture is doing nothing NEW that would deem a waiver, which is a permit with fees and fines.

There are milk dairies in Siskiyou County.  Because they have concentrated sewage systems, they must obtain a waiver for WASTE DISCHARGE. All the dairies in our county meet the State regulations and are NOT out-of-compliance.

This NEW waiver for NORMAL agricultural practices of irrigation is an incremental step to demanding  a “PERMIT to FARM.”

Staff from the NCRWQCB say this is not so, but they are lying, which they have done many times in developing this NEW waiver and other new programs they have planned for Siskiyou County agriculture.

Felice Pace has for years bent the ears of the NCRWQCB and staff. 

He has told them that we have destroyed our environment.  It is “desolate” here in Scott Valley, according to Catherine Kuhlman, executive director at the Regional Water Board’s office. 

Our mountain valley is beautiful.

We have voluntarily completed many projects improving habitat for fish and wildlife.

Elk have been reintroduced and herds can be seen, during winter months, eating in the ranchers’ fields. We have healthy lands and water. Our river and creeks are crystal clear on bright sunny days. 

We love our land.

And it is our private property, not the state’s.

We will not sign a waiver or permit as it will erode our water rights and property rights.

Liz Bowen, president
Scott Valley Protect Our Water
Callahan, CA.  96014

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