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Dams prove sticking point in water accord

Herald and News letter to the editor by Harvey Houston, Klamath Falls 1/13/15

     The demand and control of water:

   As the population increases, more water is needed for human consumption, agriculture, ranching, (industrial — 85 percent increase since 1995) and fish and wildlife.

   Klamath Lake is about 35 by seven miles and tributaries are in Klamath County and should be managed by the county commissioners and the people in the county, not by two senators who live in the northern part of the state.

   Think about this: They want to destroy four dams, one in Oregon and three in California, that produce clean electricity for about 155,000 homes. Also, give away 92,000 acres of land (that is a big part of the state) and 92,000 acres of forest and $10 million for a number of years.  

   Because of increased traffic on Highway 97, land would have to be purchased back to make the highway into four lanes.

   The officials of Washington State dredged the Columbia River 103 miles, 48 feet deep for $190 million. Now the benefit of dredging Klamath Lake: An estimated 10,000 salvageable logs.

   According to the National Cattleman’s Magazine, because of the ash from Mount Mazama, a calf can gain more weight in a short period of time than anywhere else in the world. With the ash, topsoil, ranch fertilizer and algae in the lake, it could be dredged in sections and let water run back in the lake and soil sold for fertilizer.


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