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Work on Basinís water policy results in division

by Marvin Cantrell, letter to the editor of Herald and News 1/9/15

     The proponents of the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement should really be proud of their accomplishments to date.

   They have been able to divide about everybody with their desire to get their objective passed. They have divided the Upper Klamath Basin from the lower Klamath Basin. They have divided the Upper Klamath Basin water users into a couple of separate factions. They have divided the A water users from the B water users. They originated their plan in secret initially, not letting the public know what they were up to at the start of this big push to get the KBRA passed.

   Agriculture is the biggest contributor to the Klamath County economy after the damage to the timber industry, due to the spotted owl. If there is a call on the water for agricultural use, then those making the call will be responsible for the economic consequences. The question here being, does the holding back of the water really benefit the fish? Really?

   The proponents of the KBRA have put a lot of different subjects into one   big package. Why not let the people decide on one issue at a time? The issue of the dam removal, and the issue of a 92,000 acre tree farm, might be better decided individually. This is a case of the Bureau of Reclamation/ Department of Interior trying to ram this thing through under the guise of a water issue solely.

   The most recent article in the Herald and News, about the option of using Clear Lake as a storage reservoir, sounds like a common sense approach and possibly one option that needs to be looked at seriously. It doesnít make sense to take out four good dams and lose the environmentally good energy that is produced by them.


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