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Well, if I wanted all the people out of Northern California, what would I do?

Letter to KBC News by Mark Johnson, 4/12/16

Well, if I wanted all the people out of Northern California, what would I do?

I'd lock up all the natural resources.  I would remove all the infrastructure... like the Klamath dams.

I would put the people on printed money heroin...and they would get addicted to transfer payments and
free government services.

After some more time went by... I'd have the Klamath National Forest in a quasi wilderness area, I'd have the loggersgone...Get rid of the pesky diggers..the mining community. I'd go after the agriculture community...attempt to eliminate them.  I'd go up stream...get rid of the 4 dams, remove the water inventory and electrical generation for 70,000 homes.  The warm nutrient rich waters from above the dams would not be cleaned by the dreaded green algae.  The nutrient rich without the dams...the water would be warmer down stream, the O2 level less...and the fish kill cycles greater, and deeper.

Then I'd go to the Klamath Basin...and slowly, surely...eliminate the federal water projects, the potato farmers, the alfalfa farmers,

I'd make it all a big wetlands area like before the white man.

Then as a government... I'd be broke...my govt printed money would have no purchasing power. My debt would be so great that I would have to print money to pay the debt which equals inflation.

The people I tricked with BIA and O and C transfer payments would have no means of support, no raw materials....and no land for wealth creation. 

Those rural people would have to migrate to the cities, or they would have to die early.... like the Native American does on the reservation system.

U.S. National Debt Clock : Real Time

It's not really politics so much as it is Math.

Take out enough infrastructure...get a welfare govt like the one we have in the US now....... then you can share with Venzuela:

Venezuela Declares Every Friday A Holiday To Conserve Electricity | Zero Hedge

It can happen here.   It is happening here. 


Mark Johnson


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