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AUDIO: Must Listen: 5 1/2 minute summary of Upper Basin's Klamath Settlement Agreement; audio by Oregon Senator Doug Whitsett, Local News with Paul Hanson on KFLS News/Talk Radio 1450, 4/1/13. "The nearly 100-page agreement has seven objectives..."
WARNING: Stephen Koshy Page: Clay-Core Dam Engineer Stephen Koshy's scientific reports, letters, and government correspondence regarding his prediction of the imminent catastrophic collapse if the Klamath Hydroelectric Dams are destroyed.

* Instructions for writing to FERC regarding Klamath Dam removal

PacifiCorp advice letter cancelling Klamath Dam Removal Surcharge 12/14/20. KBC Note: In May 2011 PacifiCorp was authorized to demand $13.76 MILLION from it's customers to destroy the dams that the vast majority of PacifiCorp customers did not want destroyed.
Does Klamath dam removal even need an extra $45 million? H&N 12/12/2020. FOLLOWED BY COMMENTS from Klamath Basin Crisis Facebook page from retired Oregon State Representative Gail Whitsett, former Klamath County Commissioner Tom Mallams, and Pat Lunde.
Saving salmon to feed orcas? Capital Press editorial 10/9/2020. "...Among the reasons they give for wanting the dams removed is to increase the number of native-run salmon — so orcas can eat them."
Klamath salmon not a distinct population, H&N by Jerry Jones, Chiloquin 9/9/2020. "Dam removal is not about salmon restoration. Any salmon species that existed in the Upper Klamath river basin have been extinct soon after the first Copco dam was built in 1920."
Letter from John and Loy Beardsmore to FERC and PacifiCorp regarding PacifiCorp and Klamath Dam Removal
FOLLOWED BY Response from PacifiCorp
8/20/2020. "
Unfortunately, the same sediment modeling calculations used for the Condit, have been used to model sediments behind the Klamath Project. While estimated at 20-30 million cubic yards of sediment behind the project, as in the Condit, this will be off by a factor of two, resulting in actual sediment amounts being closer to 40-60 million cubic yards of sediment. No amount of dam removal experience can envision that amount of sediment will magically travel over 230 miles down the river and flow out into the ocean without decimating spawning beds, creating flooding issues, and sedimentation issues at the mouth of the Klamath River requiring dredging operations for the harbor at Crescent City and the river delta. These amount of sediment deposits will most surely negatively affect the fisheries. Inadequate studies of the possible toxicity of the sediments is concerning as well. This sediment deposition alone will require river restoration at a cost of billions of dollars, if at all possible..."
< "My Name is Orvin Ray Ackley IV. Most people know me as Lucky. Well, these days I don’t feel so lucky."  5/26/2020.  "...I am a third generation Rancher in the Klamath Basin. Here is a little background of my family so that you can understand the full story and why I feel the way I do. My great grand father Orvin Ackley I, was a Kansas farmer who lived through the dust bowl and the Great Depression..."

Klamath water users oppose Yurok Tribe request for flow increases 5/19/2020. "Klamath Water Users Association (KWUA) filed its opposition with a federal court to a motion filed the Yurok Tribe and Pacific Coast Federation of Fishermen’s Association that was filed May 13.  The tribe’s motion requests that the court re-open a lawsuit that was put on hold for two years in March, and that the court immediately require increased flows below Iron Gate Dam in the Klamath River.."

Klamath Dams - Attack Planned and Carried Out? Followed by: Ottawa blocks Chinese takeover of Aecon on security grounds. Commentary by Rudy Hiley, Tulelake, for KBC News 5/21/2020

Letter to Bureau of Reclamation on Lower Klamath Project; Klamath River dam removal, by Dr. Richard Gierak 4/14/2020.
Public Comment by Rex Cozzalio on Klamath Project Operation Plan, resubmitted 4/14/2020.
Letter from the Siskiyou BOS Attorney NOSSMAN to FERC requesting delay for KRRC / Klamath River Renewal Corporation's Application for Klamath Dam transfer and surrender 4/7/2020
U.S. Democrat Reps letter to FERC requesting immediate transfer to Klamath Hydroelectric dams so they can be destroyed, 4/7/2020. KBC NOTE: This is contrary of the will of the vast majority of the Klamath Basin Residents in Klamath and Siskiyou Counties where the hydro dams are located, and local Oregon Senator Linthicum, Oregon Rep Reschke, and Northern California U.S. Congressman LaMalfa.
The Executive Director of the California State Water Resources Control Board issued a water quality certification for the Lower Klamath Project License Surrender and certified the Final Environmental Impact Report for the Lower Klamath Project License Surrender, posted 4/14/2020
Letters to the Editor: Dam removal isn’t a ‘bright spot,’ by Susan Miller, Hornbrook Opinion for Siskiyou Daily News 4/3/2020
Dr. Richard Gierak's letter to the Supreme Court regarding Klamath hydroelectric dam removal, 3/15/2020.  KBC Note: FYI, go to this link on more of dam engineer Stephen Koshy's information of the imminent catastrophic collapse of these clay-core hydroelectric dams if there is an attempt to remove them. Included is his biography.
SCWUA and Jackson County letters to FERC, and Motion To Dismiss, regarding Klamath dam removal, 3/12/2020.
“Fish Passage” Siskiyou County Water Users response, by SCWUA to KRRC/Klamath Dam Removal group 2/19/2020. "The real solution to the issues at hand is to retain the hydro facilities and to improve the damage done in the “1964 floods” (increasing the capacity of existing “redds”) to the Klamath River and find other solutions to water quality coming from Oregon.  This river damage included severely impairing the hydrography of the Klamath River. Let’s hope that sanity will prevail at some point to provide economically doable solutions."
On the subject of Klamath salmon restoration, by Werner Hoyt, PE, Lake Shastina 3/14/2020. "What were the annual runs through the 1980’s.  On the Klamath we had bumper runs up through the 70’s.  What happened?
* Marine mammals protection act.  We now have upwards of 300,000 to 500,000 from San Francisco to Vancouver Canada
* Salmon are a transpacific migratory fish.  Heavy fishing in Asia has obliterated returns.  Mechanized fishing outside of the 200 mile economic zone by foreign fisheries as well
* Increase in ocean surface temperature moving the migration paths north.
    We have increasing pressure by all three of the above conditions and a power generation and operating history on the Columbia of 80 plus years.  Tend to believe that while there may be some impact by power generation if we look at the whole picture, power plant removal is not warranted.  Glad the feds recognized this."
Response to KRRC (dam destruction corporation) Budget for Klamath Devastation, by Rex Cozzalio, 4th generation Iron Gate resident 3/9/2020
 3/6/2020 - SCWUA requested that we run their letter again concerning the Klamath Compact Commissioner's, Chrysten  Lambert's, conflict of interest regarding Klamath dam removal. "(Lambert) was appointed in 2015 by then President Obama to act as Federal Representative to the Klamath Compact.  Under her leadership no meetings were conducted until the recent June 18, 2019 meeting in Klamath Falls at OIT.  Our letter explains our reasoning for requesting that she be removed from office and a new Federal Representative be appointed to represent the current President, Donald Trump..."
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