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Make your voice count; Write to FERC by Feb 15 regarding Klamath dam removal

2/10/2021 Siskiyou Daily News Letter by Chrissie Reynolds, Copco Lake

The deadline to make your voices heard on keeping our dams and reservoirs intact and fully functioning for Siskiyou County is Feb. 15 at noon. You may move to intervene or comment by writing to FERC (the Federal Energy Regulatory Commision) either by mail at 888 First St. NE, Washington DC 20426 and or e-filing at the FERC website. Please include docket # P-2082-063 and P-14803-001. 

The propaganda would have you believe that it is a done deal, a foregone conclusion since the states of California and Oregon have “signed” on, but the truth of the matter is, they have simply applied for the license transfer and surrender.

The will of the people have yet to vote on the matter and since our “governor” is in the middle of being recalled and the legislature hasn’t had a chance to vote on the issue, and since the money required to assume the liability of the environmental damages is so low on the priority list when unemployment benefits and COVID relief are way more pressing, the reality is the people will not go for it, unless, like what happened when the voters voted on the water bond and the people thought they were voting on creating more water storage and not tearing down perfectly working clean green renewable energy, it might have a slim chance of getting voted on favorably. I doubt it. 

The people are getting red pilled quickly and the games that used to work are failing hugely now. People are more aware of when they are being scammed more than ever. 

So, make your voices heard. Make your voice count. No license transfer. No license surrender. No dam removal. There are better ways to create safe fish passage, without destroying Siskiyou County’s critically needed clean green renewable hydroelectric facilities and our economies even more. 

– Chrissie Reynolds, Copco Lake



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