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County taxpayers deserve more input in irrigation agreements

Herald and News 4/20/14

     So now we give a sovereign nation (Klamath Tribe) the right to dictate what the upper Basin ranchers and farmers can do and canít do or what they can say or not say.

   When does anybody, or the government, have the right to tell Americans what they can say or do?

   This agreement should be put out to the vote of the taxpayers as the taxpayers are the ones that will pay for this agreement. A few people should not be allowed to sign any agreement that the taxpayer has to pay for. Where are our county commissioners, and why are they not involved in all water agreements?  

   Greg Addington has his picture on the front page of the paper telling us all what a good deal this agreement is, but he fails to tell us why it is such a good deal and for whom in words that a normal person would understand.

   The upper Basin ranchers and farmers are not given a lot of choices in any of the agreements. The tribe had to vote on the agreement: Why doesnít the taxpayer have the same choice?

   It would be nice if everyone could understand what the agreement truly means and what is given up.

   David E. Hurst

   Klamath Falls



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