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Civil Disobedience, The Quiet before the Storm (Klamath River Basin)

by Mark Baird, Vice Chairman POW, Protect Our Water in Scotts Valley, Siskiyou County 8/9/10


 December 1775, General George Washington sat quietly in his headquarters
near Boston.  He wrote to his friend John Adams, “The reflection upon my
situation and that of this army produces many an uneasy hour when all
around me are wrapped in sleep.  Few people know the predicament we are
in.”  The Army did not have a name.  They were called The Army at Boston.
The soldiers lacked enough powder for each man to fire more than three
rounds. They were ragged and unkempt.  Some had rags wrapped around their
feet.  The courage and determination of what would become The Continental
Army is unsurpassed  in the history of the world.  The struggle would not
be decided for years to come.  In many ways, the struggle will never be
over and maybe that is best.  “The Tree of Liberty must be watered with
the blood of tyrants and of patriots”.

I have to wonder if we are up to the challenge.  Will we allow government
by committee to bury and to ignore what these generous and brave men built
for us.  Do we really want the RCD or the CDFG or special interest groups
who form the KBRA/KHSA to rob us of our Liberty or our Property.

Will YOU allow your children and their children to live in a country which
has contempt for the rights to Liberty and Property?  My father, on the
Island of Tinian would be ashamed.  My Grandfather in the Ardenne forrest
would be ashamed.  My comrades in arms who bones are buried on LZ MaryAnne
would be ashamed.  Our ancestors who fought at places like Gettysburg and
Cold Harbor would be ashamed to think we have no fight left in us.

Will we allow the CDFG/RCDs commit crimes for which we do not demand
prosecution?  Will the CDFG/RCDs dictate to free men and women what we can
or cannot do with our own property?  Will we allow the County Board of
Supervisors tell us when we can or cannot use our wells to water crops or
stock?  Will we allow those wells to be metered or studied so that the
information can be used against us later?  Will we let people like the
River Keepers or any one else come to our homes and farms and decide what
is best for OUR ENVIRONMENT.

As for me, I say No, No, one thousand times NO!  We will not submit, we
will not sign, we will fight.  We will stand upon the Constitution of the
United States and the State of California. We will not allow any one to
take our Liberty or our Property.

Sam Adams said, “Among the natural rights of the Colonists are these.
First the right to Life.  Secondly to Liberty, and Thirdly to Property,
together with the right to defend them in the best manner they can.”

Join us for our next POW (Protect our Water) meeting in Etna on August
17th at the Masons Hall.  There are options to the permit process.  All we
ask is that you listen to what they are.

Join us for our Restore Honor Water Rally on August 28th , 5pm at the
Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds.

Where do you stand?

Mark Baird
Vice Chairman  POW

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