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Weigh dam removal against its huge impact

Herald and News Letter to the Editor October 2, 2009 by Donna Harlan, Klamath Falls
The many questions over how effective dam removal would be in the Klamath Basin as weighed against the harm it will cause to irrigation and power needs are a concern to all of us.

The fact that under some scenarios there are agricultural lands that will no longer be irrigated makes a huge impact. Taking our food supply for granted and discounting power needs is not good for the present or the future.

Part of the plan is evidently for the Tribes to relinquish or share some water rights by giving them ownership of the Mazama Tree Farm from Cascade Timberland.

Will this purchase be made with tax dollars and will there be a document that acknowledges this exchange?

The Tribes’ desire to help stabilize their economic future is understandable — everyone wants that stability. However, I believe that the tree farm should be treated as an acquisition of the Tribes, not become a part of a reservation, and be subject to taxes and regulations imposed on all other businesses.

The Tribes are also seeking to buy 385 acres south of Portland and would like this to become part of a reservation.

If they buy this property, it should also be like any other business acquisition, not become a part of a reservation, and be subject to the same taxes as any other business.

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