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Attempt to confuse Klamath voters deliberate
Herald and News Letter to the Editor December 1, 2010 by Herald Puff, Klamath Falls
   The Klamath County commissioners purposely had a sharp pencil and skilled draftsmen in writing the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement Measure 10-80 advisory vote to cause erroneous votes.
   Donít think so? Look at the Siskiyou County vote.
   Canít blame farmers for wanting water. Problem: We live in the high desert with a limited resource. Basin growth equals less water for farmers. Take your choice.
   Dropping deep wells and pumping private wells dry appears to be grounds for a lawsuit ó both the irrigation district and the county for issuing the permits.
   Canít understand the Klamath Tribes willingly selling their land and then wanting us to buy it back for them. They want it, they buy it. Itís called free enterprise and freedom of choice. Live with it.  
   Canít understand Gov. Ted doing back flips about going green then signing off on removing dams that are as green as you can get. Besides, they hold water and create cheap electricity.

   Salmon spawning in the putrid lake? Maybe, if they can find it, but what happens to the trout? Excellent biology! All the above may be good politics, but it sure is stupid economics. And Ö isnít the economy what we are worried about? Perhaps someone smarter than me can clear this up.
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