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Dam removal question will appear on November ballot
By David Smith, Siskiyou Daily News August 17, 2010
Yreka, Calif. — Introduced as Measure W, an advisory election asking whether or not voters approve of the removal of dams along the Klamath River will appear on the Nov. 2 ballot as Measure G, according to Siskiyou County Clerk Colleen Setzer.

Measure G will specifically ask voters “Should the Klamath River dams (Iron Gate, Copco 1, and Copco 2) and associated hydroelectric facilities be removed?” as part of the Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement, which lays out a plan for the potential removal of the three dams in California, as well as the JC Boyle Dam in Oregon.

Now, arguments urging a “yes” or “no” vote can be submitted, according to California elections code, with the final date for submitting arguments unknown as of press time.

While the Siskiyou Water Users Association has offered to write an argument urging a no vote, arguments for either side can be submitted, with the elections code stating that the county elections official will give “preference and priority,” in order, to arguments submitted by the board of supervisors or a member of the board, individuals or associations that are bona fide sponsors or proponents of the measure, bona fide associations of citizens and finally, individual voters who are eligible to vote on the measure.

The board of supervisors declined to write an argument supporting a “no” vote at an Aug. 6 special meeting.

The dam removal question had been in danger of not making the ballot due to space restrictions, but the city of Mount Shasta’s Measure A was denied last week due to alleged violations of elections code.
Readers Comments:
you vote to remove these dams you will regret it . there goes the recreation and everything down the tubes. oh well let the f----n power company and all the criminal enviroinmental units run your county they are already doing it. look at the old ellis louie ranch ,gobbled up by extreme environmentalists. they are not stopping there either. pretty soon siskiyou county will be blank. they run everything that trys to come in there out . i can see it coming. ghost town ,previously known as yreka .
why me
If you really think that removing these dams are going to help the salmon, THINK AGAIN!
Remove dams and you can expect: loss of water supply to communities; Loss of water storage to fight fires; Loss of wells to along the river due to drop in river height; Sky rocket increases in PP&L billings; Property values will plummet; Loss of recreational and mining income to the County; Marshes and swamps in the summer and inundating floods in the winter; Loss of water storage for the Fall Salmon run; County tax base and services will be reduced; Loss of agriculture and ranching; Loss of jobs and the collapse of small businesses. Premise for removing dams is to restore Pacific Northwest Salmon Fisheries. WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO. In 1950 the total Salmon catrch was 149,000 metric tons and in 2007 the total Salmon catch was 403,000 metric tons. These numbers from National Marined Fisheries Service.
Re: Pacific Northwest Fisheries; It is true that for the last two decades the Pacific Ocean has been in an El Nino condition with the temperature of the Ocean rising. As a result of the warmer water the Salmon have moved North. In 1950 80% of Salmon were caught in Alaska whereby in 2007 97% were caught in Alaska. As a result, the Commercial fishing industry in California and Oregon have been decimated. Even Washington is only producing 50% of their normal catch. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has recently published an article indicating that we may be transitioning into a La Nina effect. This will reduce the Ocean temperature and we can expect a return of Salmon. This may take a number of years. In no way do the dams restrict the Salomon fisheries.
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