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Letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein By Craig Chenoweth


Sen. Dianne Feinstein,

I am quite frankly feed up with you, the state and the federal government for all the regulations that are put on agriculture. Your bureaucracy is tearing the fabric of American farm family apart. 

I have been told that you canít tell government what to do. Well it is time that changes.

We have a small Tea Party movement up here in Siskiyou County and we look at the rest of California with contempt.

I am a dedicated environmentalist, an organic beef producer and a constitutionalist.

We are tired of being threatened, bullied and told how the government is going to manage our land and water.


We get little or nothing from elected officials. 


So it is time that I tell you how you and your plethora of bureaucrats are going to deal we us. 


Our standards are based on Science, Economics and the Law. This includes: Accountability, Responsibility and Reform.


Science. We will only accept science that is not corrupted by politics or money. Peer reviewed! Open and transparent to lay people.


Economics. You, not us, will be responsible for the cost and consequences of all programs and regulations that you bleeding heart bureaucrats come up with. You will no longer burden the people financially in any way by instituting destructive regulations.


The Law. You have corrupted the law to such a point that your intentions are no longer discernible. You will not threaten, bully or coerce the people you serve for any reason. You will not violate the Constitution in any way.


Accountability. Government will be accountable to its citizens.

 You will be held accountable and required to justify your actions and decisions. 


Responsibility. You will be held personally responsible for all your actions and decisions.


Reform. You will take action to make all necessary changes in social, political, economic institutions and practices that are burdening our freedoms. 


I find your Central Valley Water Plan amazing. Not because it is the right thing to do, but in the blatant hypocrisy of it. You and your buddy Boxer have been the moving force behind all the environmental extremists destroying the science, economics and the law to get your self-centered corrupted agenda pushed through regardless of whom you destroy along the way. 


You have done so much damage to the creditably of environmental science, the economy and the law. And now you want to back pedal in an election year to save face for all the damage you have done. Thatís just despicable!!!


 You have an opportunity here before we expose you and vote you out of office.

Step up to the plate and come clean!


Disrespectfully yours,

Craig Chenoweth

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