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Update from Tom Mallams, President Off Project Water Users Association, at the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement table on power issues

Mallams describes a few changes in the KBRA.

* The Power Program will only be funded as a loan IF they set the power rate high, and we achieve that goal, any excess revenue created will go back to the federal government. The goal will be set high because they feel a low goal won't get sold to Congress. Stakeholders must sign on without knowing what the power rate goal is going to be. Interior Secretary will set the projected goal.

* The Off Project Water Users Association would be allowed one vote out of six at Management Entity; two votes are from Oregon Project irrigatos, two from California Project, one from Becky's group and one from Mallams group in the Renewable Power Program.

* OPWUA could possibly have a vote on the Klamath Basin Coordinating Council, part of the KBRA governance. Becky's and Mallam's groups must select one person to represent all all Off Pproject water users. They must sign the Hydro and KBRA agreements even before they select a rep, or the KBRA coordinating council will select the rep for them.if don't agree on someone.

* OPWUA could have a seat on the Klamath Basin Advisory Council

* There is no longer budget funding  for the Reliance Program. Mallams said part of the reason Becky Hyde formed the new Off Project group was to get funding to irrigators with a junior water right to be compensated for their loss. Other limited funding MAY become available at a later date.

Keep in mind, this is not a consensus group..they would have one vote, the same as the Klamath Project irrigators, the same as each tribe, government agency and each NGO at the table.

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