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Dam Liars, Crooks and Killers

By Cassandra Anderson
September 9, 2011

sand-sculptureAgenda 21 is the action plan to implement the UN Sustainable Development for total control and depopulation. The Wildlands Project is the blueprint to scrape humans off of 50% of America's landscape through "rewilding". Beneficial dams are being destroyed in the name or rewilding or restoration, using phony environmentalism to achieve these UN goals:

  • Human geography: herding humans into areas of water availability, as it is essential for life
  • Depopulation: when water is cut off from farmers, this affects the food supply
  • Water rights: massive water rights re-allocation hangs in the balance (the Colorado River may be up for grabs)
  • Hydro power dam destruction: collapse of energy infrastructure to return to a primitive existence
  • Private property: land use & value are drastically changed when property is turned into a swamp or desert
  • Federal control: centralized control over resources follows UN policy
  • Smart Grid: overwhelming and centralized control that is inefficient and open to sabotage

For details on the direct links between Agenda 21 and dam demolition, watch Dr. Michael Coffman's excellent video here.

The examples in this article are models for dam destruction across the US. Here are the states that have adopted dam demolition policies, based on federal policies adopted in 1994:


Dam Culprits

Missouri2011PhotoThe Department of Defense Army Corps of Engineers have failed spectacularly in flood management.

It turns out that that the Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for the recent flooding in the Midwest because they are following environmental policies instead of a flood control plan. The Army Corps allowed the dams to remain full to simulate a natural river, instead of evacuating water from the reservoirs to prevent floods. So, when the extra runoff from Montana's large snowpack and heavy rains flooded the Missouri River and then hit the Mississippi River, all hell broke loose and flooded major areas in 9 states. The details are covered in Joe Herring's article here:


Another example of the Army Corps of Engineers' massive failure is the Katrina tragedy because they failed to maintain the navigation channel that led to the flooding.

While taxpayer funded programs struggle to cover the losses caused by these dam idiots, the Army Corps of Engineers holds almost $58 BILLION in assets. A class action suit against the Army Corps, with the officials at the top held personally liable, would be a good place to start reform.

Dam Outrage

klamathdamsjpg-63d2e379e104a050Endangered species, also hyped as 'biodiversity' is the top reason for blowing up the dams, which is based on junk science and hypocrisy. Can you guess how many species have been saved by the Endangered species Act of 1973? If you guessed ZERO, you are correct! Phony environmentalism and conservation are really just land, water and power grabs.

An example of the endangered species scam to save the salmon is really a cover for a more grand agenda that is playing out in the Klamath River on the Oregon and California border. Hydro power is Oregon's main power source, providing about 90% of Oregon's electricity. The Klamath River dams light up 70,000 homes. Hydropower is the cleanest energy, so why should 4 hydro-electric dams be busted down? This is a lose-lose proposal because:

Farmers will be wiped out (another attack on food production)

Natural gas power plants will have to be built along with expanded fracking

Natural gas electricity generation will be more polluting

The cost of trashing the dams is $1 billion

Electricity consumers will pay for at least $200 million of the cost

The nuclear industry is expanding in Oregon

But the REALLY BIG NEWS here is that the demolition of the Klamath dams, scheduled for 2020, appears to be for the purpose of diverting the water from the Klamath River down to California so other arid Western States can re-allocate water from the Colorado River. You can read the details in Wayne Lusvardi's insightful article here:



California's pork-filled $11 billion water bond was supposed to fund $250 million for the Klamath dam demolition, but that bond has been put on ice until a vote scheduled for 2012.

It is important to note that California's water "shortages" in the Delta could be easily solved by preventing partially treated sewage from entering the Delta (which is the actual reason for fish mortality there), building more reservoirs to increase water reserves or cutting the federal government's portion as they hog 48% of deliverable water for "environmental" purposes.

But wait, there is even more to this story:

WarrenBuffettjerkWarren Buffett owns PacifiCorp (a subsidiary of Mid American Energy), the corporation that owns the dams on the Klamath. He supports the demolition of the dams; the official excuse is that he doesn't want to pay $300 million to install fish ladders. Utilities are a necessity, so he could easily recoup his investment, and it's far less money for the taxpayer to absorb than blowing up the dams.

But he may have another motive: he supports nuclear energy. He invested $50 million to consolidate nuclear uranium enrichment under the authority of the UN (which intends to control nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons), he is bullish on uranium investing and he is trying to push legislation for a nuclear power plant in Iowa with a generous helping of taxpayer funded corporate welfare. Perhaps the Iowa legislation is a model for expansion of nuclear plants in other states, with the taxpayer assuming all the risk.

Oregon successfully banned new nuclear power plants in 1980 that had no federally approved waste facilities. Oregon must rise up again, and stop the deal to demolish the dams and support farmers, if they want to keep their water and clean hydro power. This will take a near Herculean effort because Oregon is steeped in Agenda 21 and phony environmentalism. Good luck Oregon, Governor Kitzhaber is a dam fool who fully embraces obliterating the Klamath dams and the UN global warming fairy tale.

Dam Hypocrites

AmericanRivers_logoBill Clinton issued an Executive Order for the American Heritage Rivers Initiative that replaces our republic form of government with appointed bureaucrats and radical environmentalists. It is a massive power, land and water grab. Because the Initiative did face opposition and was not fully implemented, so the globalists' have a backup plan.

American Rivers is a so-called non-profit organization that is doing the leg work to fulfill the American Heritage Rivers Initiative. While American Rivers supports the global warming lie, they advocate hydro power dam busting, which makes no sense if they were sincere in their motives. American Rivers wants to reduce your water usage and regulate it. American Rivers has received funding from the Rockefellers and were handed almost $3.8 million in 2009 of taxpayer funded government welfare to work against public interest.

On their 'accomplishments' page, American Rivers brags that they:

- negotiated the world's largest dam destruction deal (Klamath River)
- secured $1.2 billion in government welfare
- lead the way for destroying 147 dams, with plans for busting 100 more
- lead the battle for control over small streams ans wetlands via the Clean Water Act

Rebecca Wodder was the president of American Rivers until she tried to slither through the revolving door when she was nominated as the Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks under the Department of the Interior. She was a leader in establishing Clinton's American Heritage Rivers Initiative. She appears to be hostile toward dams, but likes fracked natural gas, in a recent turnaround (she opposed fracking before her nomination).

salmonunderwaterAmerican Rivers was a plaintiff in a lawsuit against farmers in the Klamath River over the genetic purity of wild salmon versus hatchery salmon. The biggest threat to salmon genetic purity is genetically engineered Frankenfish salmon created in a lab, yet American Rivers is strangely silent on the issue. It appears that they don't give a whit about genetic purity, but care only for using the Endangered Species Act as a weapon.

American Rivers works directly with the US Army Corps of Engineers; American Rivers dam destruction links are on the Corps website.

An American Rivers report on dam removal funding says that federal, state and local government welfare are the primary funding sources, along with corporate and private support. The report goes on to say that "non-profits" build community support for the destruction. American Sport Fishing Association is one of the "non-profits" that is mentioned.

Dam Idiots

American Sport Fishing Association generated public support for dam demolition in the Klamath, along with other "non" profits" listed in Dan Bacher's article "It's TIme to Take the Klamath Dams Down!" using the excuse of toxic algae. It appears that these stakeholders can't understand that it is more effective to remedy pollution at its source. Algae is caused by agricultural runoff from fertilizers (mostly synthetic). If farmers went back to traditional crop rotation, then legumes could replace nitrogen in the soil resulting in a decrease of fertilizer use.

These goups fail to publicize that their algae solution to increase protected wetlands just won't work unless 40% of the farms in the Upper Klamath Basin are converted to wetlands. They also fail to inform the public that the outlook for salmon recovery is negative.

Department of Interior chief Ken Salazar will have until March 2012 to make the final decison in the dams (and he has track record that favors UN Agenda 21).

All FERC'd Up

to 1994, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) had no dam removal policies! This is because they are beneficial and provide electricity, dams reduce flood hazard, dams improve navigation and they keep water for irrigation and urban use, so there was never a thought given to obliterating them. But radical environmental groups pressured Congress to create dam demolition policies. FERC jumped at the chance to expand its control and demanded evaluations of dams as they come up for re-licensing.

Terminating dams is really just a capricious experiment fraught with unknown consequences. It would is more reasonable to weigh the cost of upgrades and repairs against benefits of aging dams instead of bowing to environmental extremists who are pushing UN Agenda 21 & the decline of America.


Farmers and property owners have been shouldering the responsibility of fighting against dam radicals, but the size and scope of the destruction is increasing the threat to all people. The most effective solution is for an awakening of the masses to Agenda 21 Sustainable Development in order to pressure government to stop following UN poicies and end Agenda 21.

Additional Resources

Activism plan for influencing dam relicensing (includes information about the East Coast) by Carol LaGrasse:


The origin and intent of the Endangered Species Act:

Other articles about electricity by Cassandra Anderson:



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0#1MountainHome2011-09-10 05:26
These radicals, that you mention, are only gaining attention becuase of Obama's power in office and the Democrats still in the senate. However, I still fear the Republicans as they are also for Agenda 21. Where or who do we turn too?

Thanks so much for keeping the Agenda 21 in the news.
0#2Casandra2011-09-10 06:37
Hi Mountain: Dems pursue "conservation" and go for land grabs- Wildlands Project, while Repubs are inclined toward crony privatization (PPP's), phony deregulation & Smart Growth. The trick is to see the big picture, Agenda 21 is in EVERY gov't (google your city and 'sustainability'), all the way up to EVERY federal department. Agenda 21 is the action plan for SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT which is the monster. Once you recognize that it is everywhere, start working locally, in your city & county to educate your local govt in order to get rid of ICLEI and change the 'General Plan' zoning & building codes. Share this info with everyone you know- links in next comment.
0#3Casandra2011-09-10 06:38
Here are a few links to FreedomAdvocate s.org & their tools (including letters to officials & model legislation):

http://www.freedomadvocate s.org/articles/illegitimate_government/iclei_primer%3a_your_town_and_freedom_threatened_20090804364/

http://www.freedomadvocate s.org/articles/sustainable_development/kick_iclei_out%21_20100410407/

Thanks for your willingness to get involved!
+1#4Peter Cunningham2011-09-10 13:53
I was about to comment to "OZZIE Steve" but Cassandra said it for me. What is required is not slavish compliance to the UN< but total dissolution of the UN. It is the greatest oxymoron ever. The only unity exists in voting blocks that vote according to their prejudice or aims - and most are flea ridden despotic, perpetually war torn and starving nations that always will be so.
The UN thrives on theory, where to be blunt - because everybody has an arsehole, then everybody is equal, therefore every body should have equality, even if it means raping the liberty, freedoms and material things of others, and by international law and "member state" compliance - force us all to comply.
(I had 14 symbols left but when exiting was warned that the posting was too long. Have struck this before - still has ot been fixed)
0#5Peter Cunningham2011-09-10 13:54
To conclude:
The "Climate Change Demon" is an example of that in play.
Sadly the majority of people really don't care because they either prefer to remain ignorant, are realists that they can't stop the train, or they believe the UN is a good thing - which reverts to the other end of the scale - ignorance.
0#6Debbie2011-09-10 16:47
Dear Ms. Anderson,

Great article. I am a daughter of one of the Siskiyou County ranchers who is experiencing, from every angle possible, everything you wrote about. All we want to do is take care of the land, feed the people, care for our animals, and leave a beautiful legacy for generations to come. But that doesn't seem what the future holds right now...

Thank you for getting this out there.

We are in the process of getting a documentary out about this story...not from the NGO, DFG, or egregious land grabber perspective, but rather from scientific facts and the true impact on all people, land, wildlife and more that most people would understand and relate to.

Please contact me if you'd like to get involved...we'd love to have your help!!

Thanks again!!
0#7paschn2011-09-11 09:40
If one will simply take two or three deep breaths, step back and look at all things "Federal", (including the unconstitutional FED RES and it's collect agency, the IRS, a sane person will see only ONE solution, secede from the "union". This nation is and has been, (since AT LEAST 1886,[santa Clara VS Union Pacific RR]), any person or organization that tells you different is either delusional or is making vast sums of money supporting the status quo. Best wake up and place a silver bullet in the brain of the failed experiment; The United States of Israel.
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