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Human survival is at the top of my priorities
Herald and News Letter to the Editor 11/20/11, by Pete Cartwright, Klamath Falls
The Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement is designed to do only one thing — destroy the Klamath Basin as we know it.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley is in the Democratic enviro pocket, wanting to push fast legislation through to tear down the dams, give tribes land, etc.

“KBRA Creates Jobs.” What jobs? Planting wildflowers in fields that used to be agricultural lands?

As stated Oct. 10 in the Herald and News, the tribes will give up some water related claims; the key word here is some.

Seems we have been down this road with sucker programs for a few million dollars. One billion dollars then $800 million, maybe $536 million, maybe $262 million, maybe $150 million. I wish I could budget this way.

The cost overruns and change orders required to remove a Savage Rapids Dam on the Rogue River would surprise you. I would bet you could not remove one small dam for the $290 million budgeted for the project.

I urge everyone to fight back in every possible way to stop the dam scam. Contact U.S. Rep. Greg Walden and state Rep. Doug Whitsett and urge them to fight this bad joke and force the downriver tribes to remove their gill nets and let some salmon come up the river. Fish are fine, but human survival is on top of my list.

Pete Cartwright

Klamath Falls
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