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1/12-1/13 2010 Tuesday and Wednesday

The KBRA "Kon"

Bill Meyers show:

Tom Mallams called me this afternoon. Appears there is some nasty push-back after yesterday's interview he gave me on the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement.

Remember that Tom is the president
of the Klamath Off-Project Water Users, and has been involved deeply within the negotiations. To recap, the Rogue valley's water allocation to the Talent Irrigation District is seriously at risk.  One third of the south valley's water could be gone "just like that".

Even if TID pipes,
or lines their system to save water, this then kills south county wells around Ashland.

Mallams says Jackson County government
has to throw its weight behind opposing this agreement, along with enlisting the help of our Congressional members.

Will our commissioners do the right thing and exercise all their power?  For the county's sake let's hope so. We're in the 5th day or so of a 30 day public comment period.  Commissioner Walker tells me they'll be meeting on this subject this coming Tuesday.

Oh, the "push back"
I mentioned at the start? Mallams is being peppered with emails and nasty calls from KBRA supporters. Words to the effect of "shut up", "you're telling lies". don't get Jackson County involved in this, etc. 

Mallams tells me the KBRA
supporters truly want Jackson County residents and government ignorant and in the dark about what the agreement really does.  I have no reason to doubt him.

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