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The best take on the KBRA is Linthicum’s
Herald and News Letter to the Editor October 14, 2010 by Sandra Devries, Beatty
      I am responding to the Sept. 25 letter by Gary Derry, who obviously is pro Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement.
   Dennis Linthicum presented himself as the factually informed candidate that he is. Dennis is a perfectionist who never broaches a subject without a thorough understanding of the facts.
   The aforementioned, coupled with his zeal for fiscal responsibility and his degree in economics, gives him the authority to know that the KBRA will not pencil out and should not be passed.
   If people actually read the restoration act, they would be aware it is organized deceit with no concrete answers and containing “include but may not be limited to” and variations some 27 times, which is a blank check.  
   Every PacifiCorp customer is currently paying higher costs, therefore paying ahead for the removal of dams before a vote on KBRA.
   Measure 18-80 represents the commissioners and District Attorney Ed Caleb’s offices misconstruing a simple request for a ballot measure of an up-or-down vote of dam removal. The commissioners should be involved, but representing the will of the people.
   Without an up-or-down vote, they are only listening to the will of a few constituents.
   Voters beware when you vote in November. Linthicum is the most informed candidate for commissioner position No. 2 and secondly be aware of Measure 18-80’s wording. Was it designed to deceive you — oh, yes.
   Contact your legislators Merkley, Wyden, Walden, Garrard, Whitsett and make them aware of your stance.
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