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Is Removing dams good for us ?????
By. Dr. Richard A. Gierak

At the present time there are those that believe that removal of four hydroelectric dams on the Klamath River would have little effect on the local populace, however, dam removal would impact every individual in Northern California and Southern Oregon. The following graph is a visual presentation of what we can all expect should the dams be removed on our electricity costs per household.


If your present monthly bill is $200 per month you can expect to pay the following with other methods of power production:

Hydro         $200 per month

Geo           $280 per month

Nuclear      $296 per month

Coal          $340 per month

Wind         $592 per month

Clean Coal $814 per month

Natural Gas $815 per month

Solar       $1,630 per month

Comparative analysis of electrical production


Wall Street Journal article Re: Clean Coal costs


If you still think that removing four hydroelectric dams is good for us, prepare to open your checkbook for the increased costs you will incur. Let your voice be heard and contact your Senator and Congressman regarding this matter.

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