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Job promises don’t justify dam removal   
Herald and News Letter to the Editor October 16, 2010 by Rex Cozzalio, Hornbrook, Calif
   We are four generations on the Klamath River directly below the dams, at the focal point of dam impact rhetoric.
   With 11 college degrees, our family remains at the same location due to our love of community and a river which literally flows in our blood.
   I am in the river over 50 times a year for over 50 years, as my grandfather before me.
   Without question, the river was improved in all significant respects by dams. The Oregon Public Utilities Commission under Senate Bill 76 could not “compare” the far greater costs being passed through without ratepayer input, or losses as a consequence of dam removals.  
   History, experience and studies contradict dam removal and failed Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement/Klamath Hydroelectric Settlement Agreement advocate theories.
   Empty promises for jobs are the same used during forest shutdowns with the same disastrous results. Under “agreements,” unrepresented taxpayer/ratepayer billions going to a KBRA/KHSA hierarchy of unaccountable special interest “participants” will be “administered” largely to themselves and affiliated out-of-area contractors, directed against individual rights and responsible choice, and eventually eliminating most vested families.
   As the secret KBRA requirement for dam removal fell under direction of a Secretary of Interior granting himself, under KHSA, total personal decision apart from “science,” only “considering” regional economic and environmental damage, and proctoring legislated immunity from damages incurred, it is unlikely he will decide against dam removal and the KBRA/KHSA he was instrumental in creating.  


   Were liability protection granted for dams to remain, without KHSA threats and bribery funded with unrepresented taxpayer/ratepayer dollars, PacifiCorp would likely make a different choice.


   We cannot afford the paid advocates media often funded by our taxpayer dollars being thrown at enforcing this economically and   environmentally devastating special interest windfall. Ask questions, share information, and vote against dams removals/ KBRA implementation. Yes on Klamath County 18-80; No on Siskiyou County Measure G.
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