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Politicians: Do the right thing; keep dams

by Spring Anderson-Smith, Siskiyou Daily News, December 15, 2009

Copco Lake - Dear Editor,

I sure hope all of you crooked politicians are proud of yourselves for destroying green hydroelectric dams and several lakes for ďsalmon enhancement.Ē You truly show your stupidity and corruption by even considering this.

In your teeny, tiny brains it makes more sense to destroy clean hydroelectric dams and the connected lakes so some stupid salmon can spawn better? That is about the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Yes, letís destroy not only these GREEN dams, but letís destroy the OTHER wildlife that these lakes support, and while youíre at it go ahead and destroy everyoneís property values! Ridiculous!

My parents have lived at Copco Lake since 1977 and raised five kids there, and along with every other homeowner on these lakes, didnít move there to have it ripped away by a bunch of bureaucrats who will feel no impact of the destruction.

And another thing: What exactly do you think it will smell and look like when you rip out these dams and the lakes are gone? Itís going to be putrid!

Instead of waiting for your big payout on this deal (because we all know someone is making money off of this), why donít you do the right thing and stop it from happening?

Readers Comments:

1 day ago

She has some great points. Aren't there bigger problems in California? You'd destroy dams and sources of clean electricity to save some salmon? I'm surprised more people aren't writing letters.

20 hours ago

This brings home the point that there are people in the various agencies involved, including politicians, that have no idea what they are doing. Like over on the east side, they are clearing trees from natural stream's banks and clearing the natural fauna and flora from 'sensitive' areas. These fine folks in charge are not from around here and have no clue except some manual written back east someplace. If you go into the Forest Service office and talk to one of the 'honchos', it's easy to see they no idea what they are talking about and offer up a little soft shoe to you. Most of them are of the suede shoe variety of public servant. Bottom line: just leave things the hell alone.

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