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Moral Conservation

By Cherie J. Gierak, Director ICU 2/13/10

We the people: As we battle the lefts constant cry for more spending , more government, and less personal rights let us not forget that for decades they have also been trying to save every minnow, mouse, beetle, and brine shrimp they can find at the expense of the food bowl, property rights, thousands of jobs and even the beauty of our country. Projects are now underway to remove dams and withhold water all over the country for fish. Yet, so many other battles are being fought that we have forgotten to keep an eye on these green radicals who use bad science, bad judgment and bad manners to force their radical agendas on the people. Meanwhile, the people are too busy to notice because they are fighting for their daily bread. We cannot forget the battle cry of moral conservation.

What is moral conservation? We believe that a new banner must be raised that will include all of people and not the fish, beetles or mice. Moral conservation........... and the battle cry of this ideology should be ............... DO NO HARM.

Although this sounds simplistic...... it is the key to taking back our rights and achieve our goals. What are our goals? We all want our constitutional rights and we do not want to see our resources and environments destroyed . The architects of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights could not have in their wildest imaginations or nightmares foreseen the day that fish, birds, lizards, trees, beetles, weeds and an infinite number of other species would abrogate the rights of humans.

What is moral conservation??? Simply...... DO NO HARM to that which you own. Treasure your properties and respect those that surround you. If you purchase land in a forest... then live in harmony with that forest and do not clear cut it. If the desert is your forte then do not plant huge lawns and plants and trees that are not indigenous to same. If we respect that which we choose to call ours, then there are none that can fault us for what we do on our own property. In conclusion we must have our government remove regulatory processes that infringe upon the innocent as well as the guilty. The government must also be held to the contracts, deeds and patents which they issued, regardless of when they were instituted. The rights of the people of this great country, as granted in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, must be returned to the people, for the people and by the people.

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