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Agreement’s opponents not using delay, deception  

Letter to editor, Herald and News by Milly Lewis 9/15/09

   Let me get this straight. Steve Kandra in his Aug. 18 letter has accused our state representatives Sen. Doug Whitsett and Rep. Bill Garrard of promoting “deception, delay and division to preserve their special interests.”

   Is this the very same Kandra who thought it perfectly OK to meet with selected other elites, behind closed doors, with total secrecy strongly enforced, to draft an agreement that will be forced on us, the peasants of Klamath County? Even though we do not agree with the provisions? That must be only because we are too ignorant to understand the paradise these unselfish people are trying to give us. And he is blasting our elected representatives for their selfishness in not just accepting the agreement of the chosen ones?  

   Did I miss Kandra’s (et al) election to determine the future of our Basin: Did we say “go ahead, draft your plan to suit your own interests and we will just quietly fall into line, never questioning this group’s great wisdom? I don’t think so, therefore, whether Kandra et al likes it or not, I, and most of us, will express our opposition to this abomination.

   What in the world does taking out the dams and helping the Tribes obtain the Mazama tree farm have to do with irrigation water in the Basin, other than that we must appease the Tribes if we hope to obtain peace in our land?

   And so to use some words Kandra used in talking about the legislators, the drafters of the agreement “only have deception, delay and division to preserve their special interests.”  

   Milly Lewis Klamath Falls  

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