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Effort against dams tries to ‘re-wild’ area

Herald and News Letter to the Editor April 3, 2009 by Nita Still, Montague,

The only reason these River Keepers and Friends of the River, Audubon Society, and on and on, want to get rid of these Klamath River dams is because they want to re-wild all of this area and all rivers.

They are using systems of law to get their way. Now, the laws with which they use to get their point across are the Endangered Species Act and those used by the Environmental Protection Agency.

These have wrecked our economy and the use of our water and land.. This sounds very communistic, don’t you think? Please read the 10 planks of the Communists Manifesto and Freedom 21 Agenda which shows what the Agenda 21 is doing and has done to Santa Cruz, Calif.

These imposters of our freedoms want to re-wild all of this area, Oregon and northern and southern California or anywhere there are trees and rivers.

In their shadowy and afflicted minds, dams are very unsustainable, and if you want to re-wild, neither are people, farms, ranching, cattle grazing, roads, logging, miners, wells, fishing, hunting, electric lines, cars and machinery, gardening, and on and on.

Our government is supposed to be of, for and by the people. However, I really do not think they can see the forest for the trees, nor can the populace, when these wilderness people constantly play upon people’s emotions and use the Endangered Species Act and Environmental Protection Agency against patriots.


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