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Environmental groups want to ‘re-wild’ U.S.

March 6, 2009 Herald and News Letter to Editor by Nita Still, Montague, Calif.
Regarding the Klamath River dams:

The key player for the Karuk Indians is Craig Tucker. He is a member of “Friends of the River.”

More than likely he is a member of some other environmental group or  non-governmental organization.

They have been paying for all the Karuk lawsuits.

The “Friends of the River” have a paper called “Potential Dam Removal Projects,” where they want to remove 21 dams in California. Copco 1 and 2,  and Iron Gate, and Boyle, which is in Oregon, are among the 21.

Tucker has led the Indians to believe the dams are killing salmon, when the East Coast is also having fewer salmon returning. It has been proven that the ocean is part of the problem. Algae is in Klamath Lake and is not a new problem. Dams are not causing it.

The goal of environmentalists is to take out dams; close roads, which the Forest Service is helping; stop dredging for gold; stop cutting down trees and cleaning the forests; getting rid of all farming and ranching.

The Nature Conservancy is buying up ranches and farms because creating food for people is unsustainable. It must be sustainable for the salmon and move people from rural to urban areas.

No dams; no Klamath Lake, because activist Felice Pace wants Keno, the natural dam also removed; no dredging; no electricity; no roads; no logging; no farming or ranching; no cities or little towns.

This is what was said by the Wildlanders, who are combined groups of all the environmental groups: “We will re-wild America within 50 years.”

From the looks of all of the money being handed out by Obama and Congress, quite a few environmental groups are earmarked to receive millions.

Where the dams are is the ancestral land of the Shasta Nation. It wants to keep the dams.

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