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Rancher/farmer response to Marshall Staunton's settlement comments, 1/19/08

A point I would make is that the proponents of this settlement, those that are irrigators, stand to personally gain from this at the risk of others in our county.

If I was self-serving and I leased lands in the refuge, I would see this as the bomb digitty. The fact is that I am in the cattle business and this is going to unravel our business. It is more like an Improvised Explosive Device.

We are also limiting our potential options. We now must work very hard to improve on the way we get to what is being sold as "secure"water..........DEPENDING UPON AVAILABILITY. I think that is an oxymoron.

I see the settlement as a great looking motor home we all are agreeing to buy. From the outside, at 20 feet it looks pretty good. As you walk towards it you begin to see some flaws. A bad tire here, the need for a new set of windshield wipers there. When you get inside, you notice that it has been used by a smoker. The lavatory leaks and as a matter of fact all the plumbing has been patched with tractor radiator hose.

It has potential. Perhaps we should agree to buy it understanding that we can repair it and bring it to better than original condition. We can move forward with the expedited adjudication and use water transfers and conserved water statute etc etc.

Klamath Basin farmer and rancher

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