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It doesn’t make sense to demolish Klamath dams

August 12, 2009 Herald and News letter to editor by Cordy Starr, Klamath Falls
    Have people lost all ability to reason and use common sense?

    Our economy is in shambles and they spend more and more with no positive outcome.

`    When our household is feeling a pinch, we cut back. The small business people (including the farmer) are the backbone of this country. They need to be allowed to grow, not to be stunted by taxes, permits and fines. The government needs more and more each year to support those who do not feel they need to support themselves.

     A glaring lack of common sense is seen in the plan to destroy the four dams on the Klamath River. The secret meetings have excluded the public. Those who want to stop the removal are called selfish for wanting to keep the western agriculture healthy.

    They have put a stop to all productivity; the forests, the farms in 2001, the San Joaquin Valley and now Langell Valley for the sake of an endangered species.

     Conservation is another word for limiting the use of energy and putting a stop to productivity. Environmental groups should be there to balance and to improve the earth. The dams were put there to manage the water, to guard against flooding and most importantly to generate cheap, clean electricity. Then the water was shut off in the Basin, the refuge dried up and the ducks and geese left.

    The population is being brainwashed: Nuclear power is dangerous, the earth is burning up. If the people are told something long enough they will believe it.

    The tribes now have casinos all over Oregon. Why do they need the water rights. The dams were there long before the salmon became scarce.

    We, the people of the Klamath Basin, have the right to have our voices heard in a vote or formal protest.

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