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Comment by Katherine Lehman regarding Siskiyou County Supervisor Marcia Armstrong's response to Nita Still regarding dam removal and Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement involvement.

Electing same (Siskiyou County) supervisors? by Nita Still; response by Siskiyou Co. Supervisor Marcia Armstrong 5/9/09

May 6, 2008

The beat goes on........

Marcia's LTE reply to Nita Still's begs the question why the BOS is conducting secret meetings with Interior. Owyhee County's coordination meetings, with every agency, were all open to the public and the media, and as Fred Grant advises all entities to so conduct themselves on the public's behalf.

Marcia has statutory citations requiring state and federal agencies participate in the coordination process........far beyond her implication that SisCo is restricted to working only with the USFS and BLM. The NEPA process is required because of the federal involvement, and it is that federal involvement, as well as the state involvement, that triggers the coordination mandate, NOT whether or not NEPA is involved. NEPA primarily, although not exclusively, deals with the public's ability to comment on proposed federal actions. SisCo's coordination with the federal agencies should have all taken place BEFORE their proposal goes public, yet Marcia implies the BOS cannot coordinate until, and unless, NEPA is involved.

IF the BOS waits long enough then, yes, there will likely be created the federal legislation (now lacking) that will override SisCo's ordinance requiring a permit and full CEQA process prior to dam removal.


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