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Guest Opinion by By Nita Still, Montaguem  Pioneer Press  March 4, 2009 

Karuks Tribal leaders' lawsuits, environmentalists and dam removal

Let us consider the things which are now on going:

1. Some of the Karuk Indians have been talked into taking out the dams by Craig Tucker who is a "Friend of the River," as well as with some other environmental group.

2. Tucker has led them to believe that it is the four dams which are killing the fish, as well as the dredging. Historically the Klamath Indians went south on the Klamath River to catch their Salmon as the fish were too bruised to be eatable closer the Klamath Falls. Besides, at Iron Gate area, the salmon had already swum one hundred and ninety miles from the ocean, sometimes in shallow and warm water that was in the Klamath River.

3. Tucker just filed an umpteenth law suit, Feb, 5, 09, on behalf of the Karuk Indians, against the Fish and Game to stop the dredging in the river, for it is "killing the Salmon," when conditions in the ocean are to blame. The same thing is happening on the east coast with the Salmon.

4. Now, Felice Pace wants to take out the natural Keno Dam as it would prevent salmon from getting into Klamath Lake. When, if the other dams were torn down, there would be no Klamath Lake.

5. The Forest Service is closing a lot of roads.

6. Taking out the dams would mean the removal of all homes up near Copco Lake, thereby eradicating a lot of humans in that whole area and in a sense rewilding it.

7. How can the Indians be lacking salmon when they have nets strung across the river near the mouth of the river and are catching so many of the salmon just swimming in? They should be catching quite a few fish!

8. The "Friends of the River" have twenty-one dams in all of California they want removed.

9. Nature Conservancy is buying up ranch and farm lands, wherever they can and creating wilderness areas or selling it to the Federal Gov. for parks.

10. No dams, no Klamath Lake, no dredging, no electricity, no roads; the Klamath will just be a so called "trickle" in the summer and flooding can happen in the winter. No homes, no more Copco, only wilderness areas. Perhaps no more Montague, Yreka, Gazelle, Grenada and etc.

11. The Klamath Basin Agreement was done in secret and loaded with a lot of Wildlanders who helped write it. It is NO AGREEMENT. As a "Stakeholder", I do not agree with it. In that document they said, "All Stakeholders agree with this." That is a lie!

12. "We will Re-Wild America within fifty years!" So said the Wildlanders which are combined crowds of all the Environmental Groups. I read that on their site.

13. If Craig Tucker and some of the Karuks and others have it their way, they will Re-Wild Siskiyou County even sooner. The Endangered Species Act will kill what humans are left or they will have to move to Redding to live in Smart Growth buildings on top of each other, and as Gore implies, we will import our food from other countries, if Global Warming doesn't get us first. I do know that these Wildlanders are not immortal nor are they moral!

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