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Nothing is perfect, including Basin proposal

Herald and News letter to editor by Ann Fairclo, Klamath Falls 9/15/09

An Aug. 18 letter was quite critical of state Sen. Doug Whitsett.

   I thought it was a bit much. Doug has done a great job watching out for Klamath County at the Legislature. I also have respect for letter writer Steve Kandra, an intelligent young man who has spent many hours working to solve some of our water problems. All of us should be thankful to those who have donated time and the thought to this issue.

   The proposal is not perfect. Very few things are. There are some weaknesses. I have not spoken up because I didn’t want to hinder progress and I know we are desperate for some solutions to our water problems. Perhaps the weaknesses should have been addressed at first, even if they are not changed.

   I, too, don’t think dam removal is necessary. Also, I am afraid people who want the dams removed will be disappointed in the results.  

   No, I was not one of those polled. A couple of tribes from the Lower Klamath Basin were not for the dam removal. They were not considered, nor were those who owned property along the Klamath River.

   Also, I have not found a good answer as to why non-project irrigators were not included. Some have been irrigating for decades.

   I do wish the main and first objective would be upstream storage. In the 1950s, the upstream storage had been studied to death. Over 50 years have passed and still no upstream storage, and we are still doing costly “studies.”

   If we had the storage built in the 1950s, we wouldn’t be facing so many problems today. Even if approved and planned, it will take years to complete.

   I still no not want to rock the boat. We must have something done. I just hope we can do what is better and fairer for all.  

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