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Herald and News, Letter to the Editor November 8, 2009 by Robert Manasco, Los Molinos, Calif
  I have recently spent a great deal of time reviewing the issue of the Klamath River dams removal and am confused on why this project is attempting to secure funds for removal of the dams prior to full studies on the expected results.

   It has been reported in Yreka that the blue green algae is not a problem, the river originates from water in shallow streams and lakes and how do they know that removing the dams will do anything to restore the loss of salmon?

   We must remember that the dams are located in the upper 30-plus miles and do nothing to restrict salmon passage in the lower 270-plus miles.

   As I review the proposed agreement, I feel that all of the immunities provided to the signatories are no more than an escape route for the special interest groups proposing this action.

   It appears to me that California is so ashamed of its support that it hides the $250 million in a Safe Drinking Water and Storage Act AB 752.

   Steve Kandra a Klamath area farmer has been quoted as saying “we’re working darn hard to save these communities. I don’t think anyone is going to accept elimination of one community over the other.”

   I agree with his statement so let’s not forget Siskiyou County, Copco Lake residents and sportsmen who have spent a lifetime in the area.

Robert Manasco

Los Molinos, Calif
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