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Socialism is just around the corner

Pioneer Press  July 1, 2009

To the Editor by Jack Layton, Greenview :

We have been dumbing down America for more than 24 years, I first noticed it when the spotted owl thing started. Thought it was just a big joke, but found it was for real when it shut down all the logging industry that produced for America. Siskiyou County had one of the biggest and best deer herds in California. Then the save the mountain lion thing came in and killed 75 percent of the existing deer herd.

It is a shame how our national forests are being managed by pyromaniacs. I read in the paper where a man was convicted of killing about a dozen house cats. Don't know the full story. But these pyromaniacs are guilty of killing millions and millions of forest animals and destroying their homes, saying that fire is natural and we need fires to release the seedlings so they can grow. Ignorance is no excuse, there is plenty of evidence to prove that theory wrong.

Now it is easy to see all common sense is gone where there are those who want to remove our dams with the feeble excuse to save our salmon, when any person who could pour sand down a rat hole can see clearly what is depleting our fish supply. The sea lions, river otters and seals eat millions and millions every year and are multiplying by the thousands while our fish supply goes straight down. A man at the mouth of the rivers thinning out seals and sea lions could do ten fold more good for the fish than taking the dams out - our country being dumbed down.

A socialist country is just around the corner. Obama will save us - he has political skills, he has a way of making you think he is on your side, agreeing with your position while doing the opposite. Pay no attention to what comrade Obama says, rather what he does.

Jack Layton, Greenview
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