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To : Crisis.org From: Marshall Staunton, Staunton Farms, Tulelake 1/17/08

Staunton and Mark Stern, The Nature Conservancy, are co-chairs of the Hatfield Working Group.

We grow potatoes, onions, wheat. alfalfa, barley and peppermint on 5000 acres of earth's finest soil in Tulelake Irrigation District. i.e. Our Valley's onion yields are higher than all other dehy onion fields grown through out the state of California and we're proud of it.

I am asking all folks up and down the river to support restoration of the river's future and Klamath Project farmer's future and enhancement of real estate values for all residents of Siskiyou county. Support Settlement! The dedicated leaders who have put forth a visionary plan for habitat restoration throughout the Klamath River Basin are to be commended. Presently our nation spends $50,000,000 annually on this crisis without resolution with no end in site. Federal judges now run the river. Settlement invests 100 million annually for ten years and essentially settles most tribal trust. Klamath Project, Tulelake and Lower Klamath Refuge crises and gets us all working toward the brightest future possible. Scott and Shasta River farms and ranches benefit by having fish numbers increase and by having main-stem restoration take place. No restoration on the river means more regulation upon the Scott and Shasta. My Klamath Project farm would continue to receive water in all year types because dam removal and fish reintroduction would constitute the bulwark of a habitat conservation plan. Without dam removal 1000 farms in the Klamath Project lose all irrigation water on every drought year because the only action the fisheries agencies then have at their disposal is higher flow out of the Upper Klamath Basin past my farm and the refuges.


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