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Tucker, Gore and the other GAGs

Pioneer Press  May 20, 2009 letter by Nita Still

To the Editor:

This is the first plank of the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.

1. "Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes." Consider that water is involved with land. That is only one of the reasons the ESA was created. As I read what Tucker said when a guy from Australia wanted to give him information on how to kill the algae, Tucker replied, that all he wanted was to take out the dams. He did not even mention the Algae or thank the man! Then, I knew exactly what he is about!

As well as all the ten GAG's (Green Advocacy Group's) or NGO's (non-government organizations) on the Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement, (KBRA), which was done in secret, with the goal already established of removing the dams. Here is what the United Nations Agenda 21 says about land: "Land cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals. Public ownership or effective control of LAND and INDUSTRY (I capitalized) in the public interest (why "in the public interest?") is the single most important means of protecting the environment and achieving a more equitable distribution of the benefits of development. The provision of decent dwelling and healthy conditions for the people and the environment can only be achieved if land is used in the interests of society as a whole. Public control of land use for the common good is therefore indispensable."

Look at what our Supreme Court did with Eminent Domain! I am NOT sorry to say we are letting a CONSPIRACY go on right in front of our eyes, and we are about to be overcome by their plans!

Here is another thing I wrote on 8-21-05: "When does Freedom become Bondage? When is Liberty and Justice being abused? When our Federal, State and Local governments are conned into agreeing that it is beneficial to remove those liberties of private property and water rights because the pseudo science of the Green Advocacy Groups (GAG's) is recognized as the truth. Al Gore and Craig Tucker (a spokesman for the Karuk Indians and the removal of dams) are both GAG's.. The GAG's play upon the emotions of people to achieve what ever goals they desire, such as the removal of our dams/green electricity. I am sorry that our governments are composed of people who agree with these GAG's, for now we are well on our way for them to put upon us the Wildlands Project which takes 55 percent of the land and most of the water for animals, fish, plants and birds. As Dr. Michael Coffman says, "For anyone who doubts that environmentalists are serious about destroying private property in America, redistributing the wealth and reducing the use of natural resources, those doubts should be put to rest. They are more than halfway there."

We have SB787, which has the ability, if passed, to imprison all rights to water; the land Boxer is turning into Wilderness; the ESA, EPA; Eminent Domain, and on and on. Get up and challenge these GAG's in Congress and whatever kind of taxes Obama is going to put upon us, they are bleeding us to death!

Nita Still, Montague
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