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Guest Opinion by Anthony Intiso, Yreka, Pioneer Press 8/5/09

In recent weeks if you have been reading this newspaper you have seen articles and opinions in favor of removing the dams. Citing all sorts of FALSE economic and scientific data, all based on biased reports. (1) There is a factual report by the Environmental Protection Agency, (dated 07-01-09) that states their testing showed no toxic levels of algae in the Klamath River or behind the dams. (2) A report from Calif. Water Board recognizing that the source of the high TMDL level is natural and comes out of Oregon, (done in Feb. of this year) and (3) a report from Federal Wildlife biologist, Warren Barton Everman, PhD that there were no ocean going Salmon in the Klamath Basin or above the present day location of Copco Dam, (done in 1897), report is available from the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.
That is not the worst of it folks. The SECRET AGREEMENT, (Klamath Basin Restoration Agreement), (KBRA) is the document that will take away everyone's water rights in the entire Siskiyou County, including the City of Yreka. The KBRA is over 270 pages of power grabbing language you will ever see. I have a hard copy of the document and have gone through it 4 times, here are some of the examples; Page 136, Section, 20.4 titled "Reservations" has language that says, that all the Tribes have to do is BELIEVE that there is not enough water for fish and they can take any and all they want through the enforcement of the ESA act. Page138, Section 21.1.3, titled, NMFS &FWS BIOLOGICAL OPINION, says that all the Fish & Wildlife and Fish & Game have to do to take your water is CONSIDER that the water given up by AGRICULTURE is not enough and they will take everyone else's  including the City of Yreka and shut down PRIVATE wells.There is a whole lot more folks, but space dictates the limits of what I can cover at this time

Hopefully I can do one more guest opinions and tell you the Worst and the Rest of the Story.
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