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Why help ‘sex-crazed’ salmon return to spawn?

February 22, 2009 Herald and News letter to the editor, by H.W. Payne, Klamath Falls

Four dams that supply 80,000 homes with cheap electricity will be destroyed in an energy-starved nation. The racketeers are doing this so some fish can return to Upper Klamath Lake and make babies.

Salmon only make babies when they return from the sea to the place they were born. Evidently the Environmental Protection Agency has found some 60-year-old fish in the Pacific squinting through their bifocals, patiently waiting for the dams to be destroyed.

It gets worse. The ratepayers will be forced to pay for this corruption. We will also be forced to pay for some contraption to replace the lost power. Something made by the worldwide communist conspiracy in China no doubt.

That’s not all. When these 60-year-old, sex-crazed fish get to Klamath Lake, guess who pays for all that Viagra?

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